Balalaya celebrates 66th Republic Day

Republic Day at Balalaya

The day dawned bright with a sense of pride – pride of being a part of this country, pride to be an Indian. Our student president S.S.Dharani Balan hoisted the National Flag, with due respect and salutations to our National Flag, the Flag song and vande Mataram song followed.

A day of great significance, a day when our constitution was framed, this significance was clearly and healthy portrayed by the students of Balalaya. The importance of equality was well displayed by the students of IV and V Through their skit. A crystal clear view of the preamble of our constitution explaining the importance of the terms sovereign, Socialist, secular, Democratic and republic went deep into our hearts through a discussion-skit by the students of class IX and X.

An inspirational address to the gathering by our student president filled our minds with a great sense of responsibility towards the nation. The program finally ended with one of our students reading the meaning of the National Anthem with clear understanding and with pride.

Republic Day

Republic Day