Teacher Enrichment Program

Teacher Enrichment Program at Balalaya

A good Teacher communicates his or her expectations to students in the most amicable way. Communication skills are the most essential aspect of Teaching and Learning. To enhance this quality in Teachers a Two-day Program on ‘Communication Skills’ was held in Sri Sivananda Balalaya on the 29th and 30th of April.

Mrs. Uma Raman, Regional Team Leader Cambridge ESOL Examinations University Of cambridge conducted the program. She began with ……Stirrers and settlers – activities to stir the students to learn and settle them down when over-active. Trust – Trust in oneself, Trust in the teaching aids one carries to class and trust in the trainer are important factors to ponder.

Activities to improve one’s observation skill, factors that motivate children. The triple I - Identifying Individual Intellectual Identity of a child, the effects of challenges & competitions. Intrinsic and Extrinsic learning, Identifying Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic learners were other topics discussed and an activity for each topic made the session highly interesting and lively. It kept the teachers on foot for 2 days but in a commendable way. The Discussion on ‘The importance of Change’ in the classroom kept the teachers thinking.

In all, A program that would certainly bring about a drastic difference in the teaching style of teachers !

World Yoga Day

World Yoga Day